Angelwax Cleanliness Citrus Pre-Wash

Angelwax Cleanliness Citrus Pre-Wash

  • $33.49


1000 ml Concentrated Orange Prewash.

Angelwax Cleanliness is a powerful citrus-odored pre-wash. It is specifically formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and other general contamination from the vehicles bodywork. Cleanliness can also be used via a foam lance or pressure pump sprayer. 

Wax & Sealant Safe

Cleanlines is high foaming, solvent free and completely wax & sealant safe.

Useable with foaming lance

Although Angelwax Cleanlines is designed as a ready to use product for lighter soiling, we have found it dilutes down very well making it go further with the foaming lance.

For heavily soiled vehicles use 1:1 dilution and for lightly soiled vehicles use up to 1:5 dilution.